Message of the Principal

On my behalf and behalf of Cox's Bazar Medical College, I would like to welcome you to the official website.

Our goal is to promote a culture of positive healthcare expressed in our compassion, the quality of our services, and our never-ending pursuit of patient satisfaction. We aspire to build a bond of unity and friendship between medical professionals, students, and patients to facilitate a culture of positive healthcare reflected in our selflessness, the quality of the services, and our never-ending pursuit of patient satisfaction.

Cox's Bazar Medical College's philosophy is to provide healthy, cutting-edge care and educate healthcare practitioners inspired by human compassion. To carry out this philosophy, the college has developed some clear mottos: to provide comprehensive medical education while maintaining human dignity; to support and enhance advanced medical learning for our students; to develop and promote medical personnel with high moral standards; as well as to contribute to strategic healthcare and welfare in the Cox's Bazar area.

We devote all our resources to supporting our doctors and all our students in their day-to-day work, helping them achieve their potential and developing and maintaining service excellence at the highest level of medical education. Besides, we have consistently indicated that our well-being spirit, teaching and learning expertise, and manifested resources to the Bangladeshi community's service since the college's inception.

We will continue to implement our learning philosophy, work ethics, educational support, research upgrades and encourage the future generation of well-meaning physicians along with our utmost effort. I genuinely wish that by ensuring 'the state of the art' medical education for current and coming generations, we can all work together to make this earth a better healthy place.

All the very best wishes.

Professor Dr. Anupam Barua
FCPS (Haematology), MD (Internal Medicine),
Principal, Cox's Bazar Medical College


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Zhilouga Power House, Cox’s Bazar.

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